Monday, March 2, 2015

Fractional Mistake???

Have you ever been in your classroom and decide last minute you want to change something??  Duh, your a teacher, of course you have!! Well, that was me a few weeks ago when my students were learning how to decompose fractions.   I got the bulk of my "planned" lesson done, which went as I had planned for it to, but afterwards, I could tell my students were left wanting more.  Not as in a "OOOHHH we love decomposing fractions!" or even "Let's do that again!"  It was more of a "Seriously, That's all we get?" type of wanting. So I thought, "Ok Court, you can do better than this..THINK!!"  So, while the students were working, I quickly scribbled down a scavenger hunt that my students could do with some cards that I made for my Decomposing Fractions War Game. I made copies in record time and allowed my students time to complete the scavenger hunt.  

As you can see the "hunt" page was literally made by scribbling down clues, but what I found more interesting is that the kids didn't mind one bit.  They loved doing the scavenger hunt.  I was most proud of not only creating a scavenger hunt, but creating a scavenger hunt that also includes a MYSTERY PHRASE!! Decomposing fractions became a big hit in my classroom on the day of the scavenger hunt.  It was right up there with the day that I introduced decomposing fractions by comparing decomposing fractions to what happens to a dead animal on the road..Gross, I know but hey, they both break down! 
Mistake some might ask?? No, I would like to think of it as teaching creatively at its finest....OK not really, I am not creative. How about flying by the seat of my pants, and happened to get lucky?! Yes, that's more like it!!

It has been a couple weeks since my students completed this activity and it has taken me that long to re-create it in a more appealing way.  Crazy to think that in my hurry of making this activity I found some mistakes in it while the students were completing the "hunt." 
So anyways, I would like to present to you, my new and improved edition of Decomposing Fractions Scavenger Hunt. 
P.S. It also has a "Printer-Friendly" version as well. 

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Happy Teaching!