Saturday, July 5, 2014

Guided Math Chapter 6

Math Workshop can be very beneficial to have in the classroom.  I would love to incorporate it into my own class but I am having trouble finding a time slot to do it in.  However, I am going to do my best to get some aspects of Math Workshop during my math.  To organize this will take a lot of planning. I would like to create “stations” throughout the classroom and depending on what skill the students are working on they will be assigned to that station.  I can’t decide if I would like to have a permanent spot for each station or have all stations at a central location and then have students take them to designated areas.  I guess I will have to try them both out and see which one will work best.  I like the picture that was shown in the book this chapter with the plastic bins.  Each bin was assigned a particular skill and all materials needed were in the bin for easy access for students. 

As teachers, I feel that we have many goals for our students. One of them is for our students to become confident and independent problem solvers who are not afraid or unable to approach and solve problems in the world around them.  Math Workshop can help a teacher achieve this goal.  Laney Sammons wrote that one of the great things about Math Workshop is it flexibility.  That aspect of Math Workshop, for me, makes it a winner from the get go.  Any time a teacher is able to have flexibility in their schedule allows them to create problems, activities, and lessons based on specific needs of their students.  In using Math Workshop a teacher is able to let students who are ready to be independent work in their own way on specific skills. Those students who are not ready are able to work in small groups or more closely with their teacher.  Every child works at a different pace and Math Workshop allows teachers to differentiate their lessons to best suit each students’ needs in order to help them become the independent and confident problem solvers that every teacher wants to help form.

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