Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Stock Up

Who doesn't love the words "stock up"?!?!  I feel so accomplished when I am able to come home and tell my husband, "Hey honey, I was able to stock up at the store!"  Of course all he sees are dollar signs, but at least I feel good about it!  I am so excited to join the teacher Summer Stock Up because it seems that I constantly have thoughts and ideas in my head about next year.  So, here we go!!

I created this activity with my 4th graders in mind....Now, the actual read-a-loud may not seem 4th grade material but the skill is.  Sequencing is a skill that seems to be hit a lot in 4th grade.  Our reading series goes over it as review often. Therefore, I created this simple/engaging activity for my students to introduce sequencing. 

This activity takes your students through a read-a-loud  with activities of the story Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann.
Thankfully, I am currently on summer vacation from school, but that also put a damper on actually trying this product out on my 4th graders.  So what's the next best thing???  My younger sister, Jaynee.  She is going to be a fourth grader in August, and she just happened to be staying with me the rest of this week while our parents are out of town.  Perfect timing!!!  I am sure she was thrilled to help me with this activity on her summer break, (sarcasm), but she humored me and did it anyway.  Here's how it went:


We first began by talking about what sequencing means and that SOMETIMES there are clue words, for example, first, next,then last, etc... to help you put events in order. We then went on to read the story.  We read this together since it was just the two of us.  However, in my classroom I would read it aloud to my students. After the story came the first of two activities that are part of this product. 

ACTIVITY 1: This whole group activity requires your students to use the provided sentences cards, as shown, and put them in sequential order following the teachers' guidance to complete this activity.  As Jaynee and I completed this task, I noticed that it was a little more challenging than what I originally thought.  The events are not completely obvious as to when they occurred during the story.  I will also have the story there to use as a reference for putting the events in order.  Doing so, I am able to stress the importance of going back and finding your answers.  There are also an abundance of sentence cards to use. Depending on time allowance, I may not use all of the cards at one time. Prior to the lesson, I will go through and pick out which cards I want to use.  This way, if I only want to use 5 sequencing sentences or 15, I can. 
One thing that I would like to try in my own classroom, depending on  my students of course, is to model how this is done by using the first few sentence cards but then allow the students to work in two groups to finish the activity.  I would still consider this a whole group activity because we would still do the read-a-loud, I would model some of the sequencing sentences, and at the end we would discuss/review what we had learned.  I would only break up in to two groups for a few minutes to see how much the students are able to work together to figure out the order of the events.  It would also work more efficiently if I had an extra copy of Pinkalicious as well.   Again this is just an idea. I haven't tried it yet but I would like to see if it works...eventually.

In addition to the read-a-loud and sentence cards is a 10 station activity using 10 different sequence scenarios and 4 events in each scenario that need to be placed in the correct order.  I normally do task cards but I wanted to change it up a little and see how this activity worked.  Each Station will only take a couple minutes.  It is not meant to be hard and confusing for students. Its purpose is to make sure that students understand how sequencing works and how to look for possible key words.Jaynee was able to take each sequence station and put the events in the correct order.  We were able to have a conversation about each scenario and why she put the events in the order that she chose.  We would talk about and point out different clue words and how those were helpful when available. 

    I enjoyed using this product.  I feel that it provides information that is easy to understand but yet challenging enough so that boredom does not set in.  I would use this for my 4th graders but I also think that this activity is beneficial for any grade where sequencing is a part of the curriculum. 
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