Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Product Swap

I would consider myself an open minded person and more so an open minded teacher.  I love to try new things from other teachers in my classroom and I love letting others try my own creations in their classrooms.  This is what has led me to do my first product swap!  

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Jennifer, from the Extra Energetic Educator allowed me to try out one of her products!  Super Sweet Arrays popped into my inbox and not only was I immediately hungry, but I was also immediately excited to try out her product. The activities included with Super Sweet Arrays all help reinforce a students understanding of arrays when it comes to using them as a multiplication strategy.  Super Sweet Arrays comes complete with 3 worksheets with answer keys and 3 center activities with all needed materials included. To begin, I started off with reviewing arrays.  After we refreshed our memories, I gave the students one of the worksheets as a pre-test to see what they already knew about arrays. 

 After completing and going over the pre-test I went on with my lesson of showing how to properly interpret and draw arrays. We completed one of the worksheets together as a class for extra practice. Then came the fun part! My students were able to get into three groups and complete the activities that were included with Super Sweet Arrays. 

The first activity was Concentration.  The students had to match the fact cards up with the correct product card.

Activity 2 is an Array Match.  The students pair up the correct array and fact card. 

The final activity involved the students using the fact cards as flash cards.  They went around in a circle until everyone had their chance to be the "holder" of the flash cards! 

We ended activities with a post-test.   

The Extra Energetic Teacher did an amazing job compiling everything that anyone would need for arrays into one place.  As was mentioned earlier the product is complete with 3 worksheets, I used one for a pre-test, a post-test, and the last one for extra practice, and 3 center activities.  It is a great resource when introducing arrays or when you are reviewing them, like I was.  It was also fantastic that a sheet was included that listed and described the standards that are covered if you use this activity in your classroom. I would highly recommend this product for your own classroom. I will definitely use it again!!! 

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Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Blogging Time!

Well the time has finally come....My friend Amanda has talked me into creating my very first blog! I am a 4th grade teacher and love everything about it. I really cannot imagine myself doing anything but teaching and I am thankful for everyone who supports what I do. I live with my husband Greg, our two children, and our dog Franni. I am new in the world of blogging but I look forward to telling others about what has been successful and not so successful in my class.  I am also ready to learn from others as well.  I am ready to get things going...follow me as I head out on my adventures of teaching!